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:: 2018 ::
:: 2017 ::
  • Hosted the 3rd annual Alphabettes Variety Show at the TypeLab at Typographics 2018. Cake was eaten, tango was danced, interviews were had. Listen to the recording here. 2018.
  • Gotta go draw now, a profile of type designer and calligrapher Richard Lipton on TypeNetwork.
  • Hosted the 2nd annual Alphabettes Variety Show at the TypeLab at Typographics 2017. Fun was had, bingo was played, letters were drawn. Read about it and listen to the show.
  • “Delicate, Light, Strong, Bold: Gendered Language Descriptors in Typefaces and Letterforms,” Cultural Histories of Typography panel, College Art Association annual conference, New York.
  • :: 2016 ::
  • On, I found the perfect pumpkin patch signs.
  • Some thoughts on great, new typefaces released in 2016 (so far) for this feature in Print magazine.
  • I expressed my love for Unicode, and our adoption of the 💌, on For the Love of Unicode.
  • “The Real Assignment” at The New School, part of a series of talks around design education by the authors of Taking a Line for a Walk.
  • As part of the My 2¢ series on, I wrote about the ubiquitous Take a Penny, Leave a Penny trays.
  • Hosted the first ever Alphabettes Live Variety Show at the Type Lab at Typographics in NYC. Read more about it or tune in.
  • Create Upstate is an awesome design conference NY State. I served as one of the judges for the first Cropped, a live design competition. Fun and hilarity ensued.
  • “Making Places: Design Methods And Practices In Interdisciplinary Scholarship Labs” at the Design Incubation Colloquium 2.5 at FIT.
  • “Typography for [Digital] Humanists”, a free workshop offered at NYCDH Week. Read a thoughtful review of the workshop or view my slides.
  • As part of the Alphabettes February Love Letters series, I wrote about a 1950s Moddess dispenser near and dear to my heart.
  • :: 2015 ::
  • “The New Wardens,” on a new generation of typographers carrying on the legacy of Beatrice Warde. Read the article online or order the printed magazine.
  • It only took 10 years: the TypeTalk Fonts project is now available on Github.
  • Dublin in December! I presented “Future Displays: Towards a history of digital type specimens on the web” at Face Forward International Typography Conference.
  • I'm so pleased to be a part of Alphabettes, a new blog for type, typography and lettering:
  • I co-hosted “From the Ground Up: Foundation Studies in Graphic Design Curriculum” at the Upstate Design Week Design Educators Dialogue with Dimitry Tetin. Read more about the education symposium.
  • I shared some typographic tips at the April 2015 Hudson Valley Tech Meetup in Kingston, NY. View the slides.
  • Mom, what’s a sexy lady? My article, “Sexism & Fonts” is published on Typographica. Read it.
  • :: 2014 ::
  • I enjoyed this conversation with Mitch Goldstein and Namdev Hardisty on the podcast Through Process. Episode 16 “We Are All Digital Humanists” features Jessica Barness and myself talking about the digital humanities, design scholarship, critical making and pedagogy. Listen to the podcast.
  • “Play as Process and Product: On Making Serendip-o-matic” was presented at DH2014 in Lausanne, Switerzland in July. Read the abstract.
  • In April 2014, I presented at Theorizing the Web, in Brooklyn, NY, “Let's Talk About: An ARG in Spatial Dialogue about Race and Identity on Campus” with Aaron Knochel.
  • I participated in the symposium Remixing Art Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, April 11-12, 2014 and presented “Design Thinking: Process into Practice in the Undergraduate Art Studio.”
  • The Graphic Artist Guild reviews You Are What You Kern, an HTML5 demo offering typographic tips for web-based resumes. See the demo here.
  • Need some more typographic commentary in your life? I'm now blogging at Typophile.
  • :: 2013 ::
  • I presented the Placeable project case study as part of the panel “Design and the Digital Humanites” at the Midwest Modern Language Association Annual Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • In April 2013, I presented the paper, “Digital What?! Graphic Design and the Digital Humanities” at the AIGA Design Educators Conference, BLUNT: Explicit and Graphic Design Criticism Now at Old Dominion University.
  • Preaching the typographic gospel to the NY Capitol Region: “You Are What You Kern: Typographic Details in Resumes and Portfolios,” at the AIGA Upstate NY Student Portfolio Workshop. Missed it? That‛s ok, the web resume demo is live.
  • :: 2012 ::
  • TypeTalk web fonts are now available on WebINK!. Read more about the OpenType features here. A demo with OpenType support is in the works.
  • My essay, “Visual Cues: Expressive Orthography in Digital Conversations” is included in the book project (some of my students contributed work as well), KeepDelete. Buy the book.
  • In October 2012, I attended THATCampNE 2012, an unconference on the digital humanities, at Brown University and led a session entitled, “Where are all the artists?” Read my notes from the session.
  • Read my interview with 2012 Above the Fold Web Design Competition Best-in-Show winner, Aura Seltzer.