Where are all the artists?

Saturday AM Session at THATCamp NE 2012.

The original session proposal:

What excludes visual artists + designers from digital humanities discourses? Is it an external view of art + design as a surface activity, applied only after research, development and conceptualization? Is it a lack of interest from within art + design to engage in humanities-based thinking, despite traditional practices’ inherent connections with historical and text-based content? Is computer programming and data-mining too unattractive, despite contemporary art + design’s intimate relationship with the digital media and the web? What are some examples of collaborations within the digital humanities that have included artists + designers? What knowledges can artists + designers bring to the digital humanities? What can the digital humanities bring to art + design practice?

At the beginning of the session, participants voiced a variety of interests in art / design’s relationship with the digital humanities including (but not limited to):

With such a wide range of ideas, interests and questions, our conversation meandered in several directions. Here are my notes, including a few tweets made during the session, cleaned up and organized by several different threads / themes (not necessarily sequential):

Incorporating Visual Design

Digital Curation

Process vs. product

Critical Cartography + the Arts

Consultants for Digital Humanities

Tools / Links / Examples

Thank you to all of the participants in this session. I hope you found it as useful and inciteful as I did.